Provide advice, tips and ideas
To help you untangle the complexity of buying property, finance, getting loans and more.

Lending for a world of possibilities
For homes, investment and commercial properties to business equipment, cars, insurance and more.

Customised broker services
We do your loan hunting, negotiating and paperwork. We can meet where and when it suits you. And our services are paid by the successful lender.

The right loan for you
We analyse hundreds of loan options from 25 major banks and lenders to you save time, money and stress getting the right loan.

Why young professionals and business owners? Or, more to the point, why us?

We’ve been in your shoes. This century.
Unlike most brokers or bankers, we’re young professionals too. So we know firsthand the unique challenges young people face as they look to get ahead in today’s market.

We share our own experience
We’ve had personal success in property and business, and learned much along the way. But we get a double-shot of pleasure helping other young Australian professionals and business owners reach their property and finance dreams.

We equip you to make confident, wise decisions
So you can fast-track that one thing everyone craves. Financial freedom.

This includes:

    • Personal financial lending advice and loans for your short and long term goals.
    • A site-load of free education tools, videos, guides and more
    • Creating smarter, easier and more convenient ways for you to get the finance and related services you need.
    • Taking on the tricky loans other brokers find too challenging
    • Making the things easy to understand for our clients of all cultures and backgrounds.
    • Encouragement and education to keep making forward strides with your finances

WHY DIVITIS? It’s Latin for Wealth Creation.

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