Work With Us

Position: Finance Broker

Reporting to: Director or Supervisor

About us: Divitis Finance was established 3 years ago with the aim of creating smarter, easier and more convenient ways for young people to understand and achieve their finance needs. We provide customised broker services; analysing, negotiating and processing loan applications on behalf of our clients. We help young Australian professionals and business owners reach their property and finance dreams, so if you’re a skilled and diligent Finance Broker that understands the Gen Y market we look forward to hearing from you.

The primary duties of a Finance Broker at Divitis Finance lie in facilitating the trading of commodities
and managing the credit advice and services to clients of the business.

The role also has the following responsibilities:

  • Observes commodity trends and other factors affecting the market demand and supply for
  • Liaises with clients and managing negotiations for the purchase and sale of commodities;
  • Provides credit advice to clients via matching the financial and insurance needs of clients
    with suitable finance and insurance products;
  • Recommends financial strategies that meet the clients’ needs;
  • Monitors clients’ financial status and developing financial strategies for clients, undertaking
    approved strategies from application through to successful settlement;
  • Liaises with prospective clients to explore appropriate insurance policy recommendations;
  • Prepares and submitting credit applications;
  • Prepares finance documents for clients;
  •  Monitors and advising clients of risks affecting clients’ insurance;
  •  Brokers complex leases and finance applications for property developers;
  • Ad hoc duties as required.

Please submit your resume to [email protected] to secure an interview.