5 ways to avoid being pressured to spend money at work

If you’ve ever found yourself being pressured into being social at work and found that you are spending all your hard earned dollars during the week which is taking away from money that could be better spent on the next holiday or on the weekend.

In my previous career when I first came out of high school I used to pride myself on how little I could spend each week while I was at work. Also because I am so competitive I used to then try and beat it the next week. Some people are going to throw around the words ‘tightass’ and ‘cheap’ (which it probably was) but hey who cares if it gets you European summers and a deposit for a property.

You don’t need to be as extreme as me but here is 5 ways to avoid spending your hard earned cash at work.

  1. Pack your own lunch

Going out to lunch is common at many jobs, but it’s rarely for the purpose of networking. In Australia it’s was normal every day occurrence to purchase morning tea, lunch and snacks at the store for 3.30itis. That’s not even starting on the coffee bill. The amount of money spent on food some days is $25+!

I was asked several times if I wanted to put in an order for lunch and every time I declined, I was told I was missing out. Missing out on what, exactly? Saving $50 a week? By bringing my lunch to work, I was able to pack plenty of snacks, as well as lunch, so I never went hungry. Plus, it’s healthier for you and your bank account.

  1. Ignore the fashion trends

We want to dress to impress, right? This is a tough one for most people as the pressures of wearing something new or not knowing what to wear can send most people crazy. If you have a uniform or have ever worn one have you ever noticed how easy it is to get ready for work? One less thing to worry about! I have adapted a uniform approach with my work where I have a couple of different suits and a couple of different shirts and I will rotate between the. Take the Karl Stefanovic approach (did I just say that)?

  1. Being happy With the A to B car

People drive long distances in heavy peak hour traffic with their thirsty vehicles. This is ok if you are in the transport business but if you’re commuting to work than it can be a huge expense on your weekly wage. That’s not taking into account if you need to upgrade to the latest model every couple of years. If you’re that self-coconscious than just park it down the street.

  1. Not being an early adopter of technology

Everyone these days is all about the latest and greatest gadgets and who can show them off to the other co-workers. The technology companies are playing us for fools, why on earth would Apple give you all their technology and ideas into the next IPhone when they can stagger it over the next few releases and make billions more in profit. I’m still rocking the Samsung s4 and it does everything I need it to and there has been two or so more releases since then, keeping up can cost you a fortune. Buying technology must serve a purpose not just be a fashion statement.

  1. Avoiding drinks gone wild

There is a common pressure that at the end of the week to go out and have a few drinks. Personally I don’t have an issue with this, you have worked hard all week and deserve to let the pressure valve off if that’s what you like. My only qualm is to avoid those mid-week sessions as you are only going to feel crappy for work the next day and you have to get up early so it seems like a waste of money.

This is an interactive blog post and I would love to hear your thoughts and comments on how you avoid spending money at work. Perhaps you have you own little traits on how to be frugal at work that you would like to share.

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