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Car Finance For Businesses

The preservation of working capital and taxation benefits are two big draw cards for businesses looking to finance staff vehicles. Companies the world over are often faced with the costly requirement for staff cars. However, with the number of financing options on the rise, many business owners are turning to funding these purchases rather than […]

How to Decode a Property Advertisement?

Real estate agents are many things to many people, but their first and foremost role is in sales. This means they’re committed to focusing on a property’s finest features, sometimes using optimistic descriptions that don’t always match up to reality. With this in mind, it’s easy to see how some property advertisements seem to border […]

Debt consolidation facts

Not to confuse it with debt elimination. If you’re swamped with credit card debt and personal loans, it can sometimes help to talk to a professional about debt consolidation. However, you need to be wary. You might end up paying more in the long term and/or reduce the equity in your home. What is debt […]

Your guide to Mortgage Broker jargon

When buying a property it is important to make sure that you fully understand the in’s & out’s and sometimes you may feel that you’re exhausted from trying to keep up in a conversation with your mortgage broker. Here is your ‘need to know’ mortgage glossary; Principle: The amount of money you borrow from the lender […]

Guaranteeing Your Child’s Loan: Minimising the risk

Rising house prices are making it increasingly difficult to enter the market. Parents who guarantee their children’s loans can help, but it is important to understand how this can impact the parents’ retirement or investment plans. Being a guarantor generally means using the equity in your own property as security for your child’s home loan. […]