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5 top tips for EOFY/NFY

The end of the financial year/new financial year is the perfect time to take stock, assess your current situation and plan for the year ahead. To help you along we’ve come up with 5 top tips to help you achieve your financial goals:- Self-Employed – Read this before you submit your tax return! Tax planning […]

How to have your smashed avocado and eat it too! 🥑

The phrase “smashed avocado” in Australia has become a recurring theme in the debate about housing affordability and has evolved to symbolize inter-generational tensions around the cost of housing. Ever since demographer Bernard Salt wrote, in a wry newspaper column, that he had seen “young people order smashed avocado with crumbled feta on five-grain toasted […]

Demystifying mortgages

Considering the conflicting information coming through the media about mortgage brokers recently, we thought we would do our best to prove that mortgages don’t have to be mystifying and that by understanding a few key terms you can be knowledgeable of your requirements and confident in your understanding when speaking to a mortgage broker. Loans […]

Suburbs of the future

Inside the homes of the future, there will be less things and more people. Many commonplace objects will be missing so the homes may appear to be burgled: televisions, telephones, books, art, even mirrors are conspicuously absent, replaced by tech like PaperID or “smart paper”. Like a futuristic version of the Edward Scissorhands opening sequence, […]