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Get your home loan approved in a flash

Although it’s hard to predict how long it will take to get your home loan approved (because each application is unique and every bank has different requirements), the most common reasons for delay are lack of preparation/disclosure of information by the client and a lender’s turnaround time to assessment. Despite this a good Finance Broker […]

Genuine Savings – what, why, how?

One of the questions we get asked a lot (especially from clients with smaller deposits) is ‘What constitutes genuine savings?” Check out the following article for some clarification and guidance. If you apply for a home loan, particularly if the loan is for more than 80% of a property’s value, you’ll more than likely have […]

It’s official, we’re award winners!

Last Friday night I won the ‘Young Broker of the Year Award’ (for NSW/ACT) at the Mortgage & Finance Association Excellence Awards 2017! I am both humbled and excited to share this news with you, winning honestly came as a bit of a shock as the other finalists were some seriously good young brokers and so […]

The ‘Hipster’ guide to Sydney’s up-and-coming suburbs

“The hipster subculture is stereotypically composed of affluent or middle class youth who reside primarily in gentrifying neighbourhoods.  It is broadly associated with indie and alternative music, a varied non-mainstream fashion sensibility, vintage and thrift store-bought clothing, generally progressive political views, organic and artisanal foods, and alternative lifestyles.” (1) As you’re probably already aware cafe […]