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We don’t just organise great loans. We’re by your side when you need us all the way from your very first bashful question to settlement delight and years to come.

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Our mortgage broker services and expertise doesn’t cost you anything. Seriously. The lender you choose pays us a commission out of their money once your loan is settled. Nice, huh?

Popular home buyer questions answered

Well this is an open ended question, but probably the most important. There is no point shopping around in suburbs you can afford, it will only be wasting your time. How much you can afford comes down to your “borrowing capacity”. You borrowing capacity is calculated by taking into consideration current financial situation. There are lots of determining factors but here are the four biggies;

1. Income and commitments

2. Deposit

3. Credit history

4. Lifestyle and living expenses

Banks will say 20% deposit is a great start. By paying 20% deposit you will avoid paying Lender’s Mortgage Insurance (LMI). How much deposit you will need comes down to the strength of your financial situation and how much debt you can service. The very minimum you will need is a 5% deposit (don’t forget about the purchase costs of buying).

If you don’t have a 20% deposit don’t worry that is one of our specialties, and we love a good challenge so give us call today

Buying costs is something not everyone accounts for. People don’t realise that all the purchase costs can add up to a substantial amount. As a quick rule of thumb I like to allow 5% of the purchase price will cover all the expenses.

For example if the property costs $500,000 then expect purchase costs to be roughly $25,000. This figure will vary depending on what state you are purchasing in and what the loan amount will be. If you would like a more exact figure than we will be able to assist you.

Interest rate movements have always been hard to predict, but even more so now that more lenders are acting independently of the RBA. No expert or physic knows what the future holds for interest rates you need to do what will work for you.

Fixed rates will give you consistency for a certain time period and variable rates will give you the flexibility should your situation change. Or, if you’re a fence sitter than a popular option could be that you do a split of both fixed or variable.

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I recently worked with Dylan and found the experience to be exceptionally stress-free, quick and easy to manage. Dylan was quick to reply to emails and phone calls and discussed everything in detail so we were both on the same page. He displayed professional and personal service and I’d definitely recommend working with him.

Dylan was great to deal with, Very professional & kept us up to date and informed through our home refinance.

As a first home buyer Divitis Finance provided me with all the answers to my questions. Their service was reliable and they were there to help guide me through every step.

Dylan was able to guide us through our first home purchase. He was very helpful in telling us how much we could borrow, given we didn’t have a large deposit and we were able to buy a home on the central coast.

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