Property Investing: Viva BrisVegas!

Where can I buy a solid property investment for under $500k?

Continuing on from our last blog post, we established that there are still some great benefits to buying well in the current market.

Being open to markets outside of Sydney can mean the difference between keeping up momentum with your wealth creation plans, or, sitting frustrated on the sidelines for years to come.

Savvy investors are choosing to invest in Brisbane. Many experts agree Brisbane is a standout amongst the Australian capital cities for growing your investment portfolio. Here are 5 reasons why:

  1. New Infrastructure: Brisbane city is booming which is underpinned by approximately $12 billion in infrastructure spending (either underway or planned) that will significantly change the Brisbane CBD over the next 6 years. This is being led by the $3 billion Queens Wharf development which is set to be completed by 2022. These projects have a significant knock on effect, propelling both the local economy and employment opportunities.
  2. Affordability: Brisbane median house prices are just 50% of Sydney prices and when you compare that to median household incomes Brisbanians are earning equal to that of Melburnians and only 12% behind Sydneysiders (statistics from 2016 Census)
  3. Strong rental yields: In many areas rental yields can range from 4 – 4.5% compared with Sydney which is closer to 3%. This equates to less week-to-week stress on your cash flow making it easier to service your mortgage and maintain the lifestyle you’re used to.
  4. Growth phase of the cycle: Brisbane houses are still very much in the upswing of the property cycle and in certain areas are showing signs of continuing for a long time to come. (Note: Apartments are generally still absorbing oversupply and are not in the growth phase)
  5. Strong net migration: Brisbane’s affordability and increasing appeal is attracting people from all over Australia, another factor likely to contribute to increasing demand for Brisbane property

Areas to keep an eye on:

You can pick up great value through buying well in the “middle-ring” suburbs generally between 10-20km of the CBD. Freestanding houses can still be purchased for sub $500k in many of these areas which have healthy local economies and are well serviced with good schools, shops, transport and amenities to support long-term growth. It could be worth looking into suburbs like:

  • McDowell (12km North)
  • Albany Creek (16km North)
  • Nudgee (14km North-east)
  • Pallara (19km South)
  • Springfield Lakes (33km South-west)

*Suburb Proximity to Brisbane CBD

These suburbs are also typically underpinned by low vacancy rates (below 2.5%) and solid 20-year per annum capital growth (above 6%).

Let us know your thoughts by commenting on our blog and feel free to give us a call on 0430 227 328 if you have any questions.

by Simon Salotti, Business Development Manager at Divitis Finance

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